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Exploring Adobe Lightroom Mobile Services

Most professional photographers have been requesting for a mobile version or application of Adobe Lightroom since they want to work with their images using their smartphones or tablets. Luckily, their request was granted as Adobe finally released their mobile application of Lightroom in which users are allowed to modify and manage their images through their mobile devices.


At first, the application can be downloaded for free, but the company decided to limit the services of the free version and users can only access the full version of Lightroom mobile when they subscribe to Adobe’s creative cloud subscription plans.  One of the most common plan subscription that most photographers prefer is called the Lightroom photography plan, which cost about 10 dollars a month and contains Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6.

Exploring the application

Generally, I had the chance to download, test and use the program and I find it very useful as it can modify and organize action camcorders images. However, if you’re not subscribed to any of Lightroom’s plans, it is impossible for you to enjoy additional storage and synchronization to and from Lightroom desktop program.

The Adobe Lightroom mobile application is not a bad application. It is a well-styled app and everything is in place. Unlike other mobile editing application, Lightroom mobile is clean, organized and easy to understand. It is compatible with any mobile devices; smartphones and tablets. The application is also available and downloadable for both Android and IOS operating system.

Adobe Lightroom mobile is only useful when you’re modifying less than 10 images. You still need the desktop version for you to create presets, and made some major adjustments to it. If in case you weren’t able to create your own presets, you can download the best Lightroom fanatic presets. All you have to do is visit their site and choose the best free bundles.