Lightroom and Metadata Application

When importing tons of images into the Lightroom interface, one of the most significant thing to do is to make sure that you have applied your metadata during your import process. Metadata Application and set up in Lightroom is one of the best and effect ways to protect your photos and at the same time help you market your work and your name.

LR47Why is it important to add Metadata?

So, what is metadata? It is a data that describes a certain image. Basically, metadata summarizes the most basic information about the photo in Lightroom, which make locating and working easier. For example, if you have hundreds or thousands of images to manage, application of metadata is a must so that you can locate the files easier. You can add the following data: date modified, file size and name and name of the photographer.

Putting Captions on your Metadata files

This one is the most essential Lightroom tips that you shouldn’t miss. It allows you to sell and market your work and build your company name. Adding and putting captions on your metadata is one of the most important process most photographers do. When adding captions to the file, make sure to provide all the necessary details that will not just catch the attention of others but will enable them to buy the product.

Metadata’s are also the one we find on Google search, Facebook and other social networking platform. When adding captions to the metadata, you are not just promoting your product alone. You are also selling your company’s name and reputation.

As you can see everywhere; online or in the market, there is a big list of free presets in Lightroom and most of it has its own metadata that will describe the theme, styles, effects and designs used in the presets. You can use the list from other sites to guide you in making your own metadata lists.

Learn how to install Lightroom presets here: