Introducing Lightroom Web and Mobile

As we all know, there are two simple ways to purchase the latest version of Adobe Lightroom. The first method is to buy the licensed and authentic version, which means you have to pay for the one time fee to use the software. The second method is to subscribe to Adobe’s creative cloud service plan. With this method, you have to choose a plan and pay the monthly fees. It will allow you to use the latest version of Lightroom 6 with unlimited access to Lightroom mobile and web.

pe4However, Adobe’s creative subscription plan has several issues and controversies at first as users were angered with the restrictions. Only creative cloud users can access the two features: Lightroom mobile and web.

We all know the features of Adobe Photoshop, but we are less knowledgeable on how Lightroom mobile and web works. So, in this article, we will talk about the workflow and process of using the two Lightroom services.

To give you a quick insight about it, Lightroom mobile is an application that can be downloaded for Android and IOS smartphones if you are already subscribed to creative cloud plan.

Lightroom mobile allows user to synchronize, organize and modify images to and from Lightroom CC using your mobile device. Basically, you can use it anywhere, and anytime you want.

Lightroom mobile and Lightroom web

These two applications were made and designed to help professional photographers with their workload. Adobe wants all photographers to have the most convenient tool to use with their images and to help them save more time and effort.

However, Lightroom mobile and web’s synchronized feature will work if there is an internet connection.

In addition, Adobe Lightroom mobile can preview images using the smart preview feature. It is a compressed preview of two images, side by side.

These two features are helpful especially when searching for presets. They can get more useful Lightroom preset for portraits at as they have a collection called “Sleeklens’ Bundle for Lightroom Portraits”.

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