Showcasing DJI Phantoms via Reviews from Cameradojo

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  • Using sophisticated drones for an equally sophisticated yet creatively-conceived photos
  • A list of DJI Phantom reviews you can learn from before buying your own Phantom drone

There’s nothing like a DJI Phantom Drone for your photography. Aside from its cool design, this Phantom makes way for a more complete photography experience in the process.

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And DJI Phantom reviews at cameradojo enables you to improve your type of photography by using the most sophisticated drone there is.

From afar, these drones look like dragonflies flying above, hovering, stalking like a predator to a prey, but, in fact, capturing angles that you can’t have by simply using conventional photography tools.

So these DJI Phantom reviews at cameradojo takes you on a different kind of perspective, like that anecdote you just read. Your drones show you angles that increase characterization in your photography. And it is even made special with some features that this DJI Phantom drone can give to your photos.

Take a closer look at this sophisticated gadget from Make your angles more interesting, more vibrant, and more artsy than those you have seen so far with these drones.

Let these DJI Phantom reviews at cameradojo be a part of your routine every time you check out the latest in these drone series. These cool quadcopters, with its strong propellers, accurate capturing power and recording prowess, along with batteries that carries your (photography) day, will only make significant improvements to your brand of photography.

This is the only phantom that you don’t need to be afraid of. You don’t have to because it has the features that ultimately improves your photography in a lot of ways. So get that DJI Phantom drones right away. But a bunch of them today. They’re perfect gifts for photography lovers.

If you’re familiar with iherb products, you will immediately notice that reading these reviews are like securing these iherb discount code for existing customers. These reviews will give you easy access to the best possible supplement around for your sustenance in the event of doing your photography sessions with your DJI phantoms.

Read some DJI Phantom reviews at cameradojo, and make a difference in the photography world right away. Get acquainted with this awesome tools, and let loose that beautiful camera angle you’ve been plotting since reading these reviews from

Workflows for Your Wedding Pictures

  • Workflows review for your wedding images
  • Presets and workflows to use for the enhancement of your “I do” pictures
  • Considering the points you get from these reviews before editing your photos

Reading reviews is something new as far as photo editing goes. This scheme is usually done with some help from professional photographers. But over time, even photo enthusiasts are checking in on these reviews on a daily basis.


This is especially true also with these wedding photos. And that’s probably the reason why there’s this of wedding lightroom workflows review on the web.

Workflow reviews generally offer tips on how to smoothen the process of editing. Most of the time it is offered to clients who don’t have any inkling with photo editing so that they may not be intimidated the moment they edit their photos.

As in most cases with people who are dealing with wedding photos. The point of this wedding lightroom workflows review is to aid these people in enhancing their wedding photos even without the presence of some photographer around.

All the information that you’re looking for when it comes to these wedding images are all lodged in this wedding lightroom workflows review. The suggestions from these expert reviewers will usher in the necessary improvements that your wedding photos need. You don’t have to run to a photographer anymore as soon as you are plotting to edit these images.

Now, there are a lot of sites online that offers the best of what this wedding lightroom workflows review can give. But it is recommended that you need to check this site,, and have the best list of presets or solutions for your wedding photos.

After all, choosing the right tools spells the difference in photo editing, of which you can have aplenty with this wedding lightroom workflows review.

Exploring the Importance of Engagement Photos

  • Exploring the Importance of Engagement Photos
  • One of the packages that most photographer offer is the engagement photo package or commonly known as the “pre-nuptial pictorial”.
  • Hiring the best wedding photographer in town is a must.

Wedding in the past was very simple and artless because technology is limited. Photographers are only hired to take a few  good wedding shots (couple’s shot, family portrait and group photo). Today, things are better and exciting; with the help of today’s modern cameras and gadgets, photographers can now build their own wedding package and rates.


One of the packages that most photographer offer is the engagement photo package or commonly known as the “pre-nuptial pictorial”. At present, wedding engagement pictorial is a prerequisite for most couples. Well, there are two types of clients, first are those who already have a story line and the second are those who depend on their photographers.

So basically, photographers are not just there to capture images, they also use their imagination and creative skills to give you the most interesting and exciting wedding story line. However, the rates and packages are not the same. There are some engagement packages that offer includes free storyline, costume, props, venue and free wedding presets Lightroom while others have more cheaper rates since they let you shoulder the expenses for the props and all the necessary stuff.

To sum everything up, hiring the best wedding photographer in town is a must. Of course, you also have to consider a lot of things when hiring one; you should always consider hiring creative photographers with impressive wedding portfolio. Check or track their records and know their styles. Also, take the time to know your photographer personally; this will help you have a good working relationship when shooting the engagement photos.

On Creating Stunning Images with Lightroom  

  • More than 100 presets to use for your photos via Lightroom
  • Editing photos that suits your style and personality with Lightroom
  • Enhance your photo images the way photographers do their work

Lightroom is changing the way we deal with photo editing. With the emergence of Lightroom 5, though, you can now edit your photos in less an hour. In fact, you don’t need the services of a photographer anymore when editing your photos, as soon as you can download Lightroom 5, then you are good to go.

Lightroom is your friendly photo editing app. Yes, Lightroom is friendly because it has tools that even beginners can understand and easily deal with. You can make enhancements with the color, lines, texture and even the mood of your photos.

LR27Many photographers are also into Lightroom 5 as well, not because they aren’t capable of editing their photos, but that they want something more out of their pictures. And they can only have that if they use these Lightroom 5 presets.

Now there are more than 100 presets available online free. That privilege alone allows you to experiment on a variety of effects for your photos, creating artsy pictures that generates a lot of liking on social media.

Lightroom 5 is special with two things: style and utility.

Style in Lightroom 5 is more or less the features that this Lightroom series can offer. With Lightroom 5, you get to see effects that are new to photography, as in the case of Pencil Draw, where your pics are transformed into caricatures like those Norman Rockwell drawings.

Utility comes in the form of its storing system. Lightroom has this unique customized folder that you can safe keep your files for future use. Now, if you have this feature with your photo app, editing pictures can always come in handy.

Get these Lightroom 5 presets now and make the most out of its interactive tools. Getting that appropriate tool is quite crucial when editing your pics. How much more if you can add your knowledge when it comes to photo editing? That’s more or less creating quality photos in the process.

On the Art of Street Photography

  • Photo editing tools that enhance your street photography
  • Highlighting the characters of your subjects through street photography
  • More and more photographers and designers use street photography as part of their portfolio

If the web is a repository of free photo editing tools you can use with your photos, a street, by the way, is a repository of subjects that makes for good photography. We may not have noticed it, but street photography has contributed to the recent popularity and revival of photography as an art.

There are a lot of potential subjects in a street. It is a character all its own. Street photography is now seeing its revival lately out of those trendy magazine photos, glamorizing the street life or highlighting its natural appeal. Make no mistake about it, street photography is usually the genre used by many designers for their models and products.

photographyStreet photography has its own curious take as far as photography is concerned in that it depicts a kind of action that is entirely different to that of still life and portraits. With street photography, you get to see photos that has that moving quality to it, as if you are seeing a splice of film in a movie.

Street photography also highlights interesting characters; raw images that make for good drama. There’s foil every time you look at these pictures, and the “actions” are so natural. Unless, of course, if the entire scene is scripted, but other than that, street photography always has this interesting take on life.

That take, though, depends solely on who takes the shot. So if you want to have subjects that your viewers can easily relate to, street photography is the way to go. It is the kind of genre that allows you to present life from your own perspective, and in turn, enables your viewers to see the world from your own unique angle. Such is the beauty of street photography.

And with the availability of these free photo-editing tools online, you can even enhance your street photography into an art form, experimenting it with a lot of effects for a more and complete picture in the process.

Street photography is an art you can master, and what better way to master that craft than by using this photo-editing tools that increase not only the character of your photo, but, increases or heightening its sensibilities as well.

Films through Lightroom Presets  

Films play an important role in the development of a society. Not only it provides an escape from the inanities of life, it also influences public policy, especially when it deals with sensitive matters.

But when films are incorporated into another influential art form such as photography, the impact of such a union is unprecedented and brings so much delight to a lot of people.


That is the effect of Lightroom film presets to its users. Many use these kinds of presets to recreate aspects of a film that has an entirely different and powerful meaning when inserted into a photo.

Infoparrot, for example, has at least 50 film presets for you to choose from. Whether you are recreating through photos the documentary of your favorite cuisine, or trying to collage images of your wedding photos to make it look more like splices of a film, you can have these effects right away through its list of film presets in its collection.

All the possible effects: faded images of a previous event, a vintage look of your old friends, a retro feel of an upcoming concert, a hipster appearance of a short skit, all these are quite possible with Lightroom film presets.

And these presets will remain popular, especially after a successful film is launched, as there is usually and equivalent film preset to it.

In the old days, the concept of film in a photo only exist in the imagination of artists and avant-garde photographers. Now, it grows out of your resourcefulness and daring of using, or combining these presets to recreate what you have seen on films.

This photo genre will continue to increase as more and more developers are making presets that has its sights on films. It attempts to recreate that suspension of disbelief and preserving it to posterity through photos, such a dynamic interaction between two creative forces.

These presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5 and 6, so you need not worry where to enhance your photos along with that film effect.

How convenient it is for us right now to consider ourselves a cinema photographer in our own right because that is already a possibility. You are not just improving the look of your photo; you are also creating an avenue where people can forget about their present miseries as well as influencing certain policies all at the same time.

Quick Overview on Adobe Lightroom

Over eight years ago, when the first ever version of Lightroom was released, the program has become one of the best photo editing tools for most professional photographers. However, for some, especially beginners, they may be wondering how Lightroom works and how it can benefit their images. In this article, we will give you a quick guide about Lightroom so that you’ll understand the entire process of the program.


So, What is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is basically a RAW and Jpeg converter, and post processing tool which was designed and intended for professional photographers, graphic and web designers, and artists. This program was created to help its users save time and effort in modifying their images by using free Lightroom presets.

Lightroom is a workflow application. However, it is not just for photo editing, but also for other post processing services such as image organization, downloading of free Lightroom presets, slideshow and video creation, basic adjustments, web sharing, printing, and geo-tagging. Once you’ve understood the entire process and the goals of Lightroom, you’ll be able to use the program smoothly and without destroying the quality of your images.

There’s no doubt that Lightroom is such as useful and reliable program. This is the best program next to Adobe Photoshop. But some people mistakenly think that Lightroom is a replacement of Photoshop since the whole interface is similar to Photoshop. Unfortunately, that will never happen because both programs have its own unique editing features. You have to remember that Photoshop is for thorough and manual editing, while Lightroom is for image organization and quick editing.

Adobe Lightroom has its own strengths and weakness. We cannot avoid bugs and other product issues, but one thing is for sure, Adobe will continue to fix and improve Lightroom so that we can use it the way we want it to be.

Photoshop Actions for Your Convenience

Adobe Photoshop is known for being the best and amazing photo editing software in the industry as it contains several useful and effective adjustment tools. In addition, Photoshop is also one of most excellent programs that have the ability to modify images manually. So, if you’re still new in using the program, this article will help you understand Adobe Photoshop.


Adobe system, the developer of both Lightroom and Photoshop, are the top choice for amateur and professional photographers. They like the products of the company since it has the power to transform a dull image into a great and stunning photo.

Another great thing about Photoshop is that it has a lot of useful features like adjustment tools and actions which allows users to record the editing process and apply it to their images. Actions are also reusable and modifiable, as long as it fits the theme and style of the other image.

Overall, understanding the whole process of Adobe Photoshop action is very simple as long as you have the passion to learn how to make good quality images. Adobe Photoshop is just a tool that will guide you in the editing process, your skills and creativeness is needed to achieve a good outcome.

Exploring Adobe Lightroom Mobile Services

Most professional photographers have been requesting for a mobile version or application of Adobe Lightroom since they want to work with their images using their smartphones or tablets. Luckily, their request was granted as Adobe finally released their mobile application of Lightroom in which users are allowed to modify and manage their images through their mobile devices.


At first, the application can be downloaded for free, but the company decided to limit the services of the free version and users can only access the full version of Lightroom mobile when they subscribe to Adobe’s creative cloud subscription plans.  One of the most common plan subscription that most photographers prefer is called the Lightroom photography plan, which cost about 10 dollars a month and contains Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6.

Exploring the application

Generally, I had the chance to download, test and use the program and I find it very useful as it can modify and organize action camcorders images. However, if you’re not subscribed to any of Lightroom’s plans, it is impossible for you to enjoy additional storage and synchronization to and from Lightroom desktop program.

The Adobe Lightroom mobile application is not a bad application. It is a well-styled app and everything is in place. Unlike other mobile editing application, Lightroom mobile is clean, organized and easy to understand. It is compatible with any mobile devices; smartphones and tablets. The application is also available and downloadable for both Android and IOS operating system.

Adobe Lightroom mobile is only useful when you’re modifying less than 10 images. You still need the desktop version for you to create presets, and made some major adjustments to it. If in case you weren’t able to create your own presets, you can download the best Lightroom fanatic presets. All you have to do is visit their site and choose the best free bundles.


Introducing Lightroom Web and Mobile

As we all know, there are two simple ways to purchase the latest version of Adobe Lightroom. The first method is to buy the licensed and authentic version, which means you have to pay for the one time fee to use the software. The second method is to subscribe to Adobe’s creative cloud service plan. With this method, you have to choose a plan and pay the monthly fees. It will allow you to use the latest version of Lightroom 6 with unlimited access to Lightroom mobile and web.

pe4However, Adobe’s creative subscription plan has several issues and controversies at first as users were angered with the restrictions. Only creative cloud users can access the two features: Lightroom mobile and web.

We all know the features of Adobe Photoshop, but we are less knowledgeable on how Lightroom mobile and web works. So, in this article, we will talk about the workflow and process of using the two Lightroom services.

To give you a quick insight about it, Lightroom mobile is an application that can be downloaded for Android and IOS smartphones if you are already subscribed to creative cloud plan.

Lightroom mobile allows user to synchronize, organize and modify images to and from Lightroom CC using your mobile device. Basically, you can use it anywhere, and anytime you want.

Lightroom mobile and Lightroom web

These two applications were made and designed to help professional photographers with their workload. Adobe wants all photographers to have the most convenient tool to use with their images and to help them save more time and effort.

However, Lightroom mobile and web’s synchronized feature will work if there is an internet connection.

In addition, Adobe Lightroom mobile can preview images using the smart preview feature. It is a compressed preview of two images, side by side.

These two features are helpful especially when searching for presets. They can get more useful Lightroom preset for portraits at as they have a collection called “Sleeklens’ Bundle for Lightroom Portraits”.